Brunette ambition

Brunette AmbitionJust finish reading one of my library books. This one I kept it for a very long time. I don’t remember when I originally took it but I sure did renew it several times. Why? Because it’s not only a novel it’s also a reference guide. Each time I started reading a piece of it, I was required somewhere else or for something else. Now I can say that I read it cover to cover.

I loved this book!

From the star of the hit show Glee, she shares tips on beauty, fashion, inner strength, recipes, tricks of the trade, étiquette guideline and more in this illustrated book that’s part memoir, part how-to, and part style guide.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about it as a fan, but because the content is great for personal and professional use for all women at any age. Lea Michelle is genuine, honest and she reveals not the glam diva mode lifestyle but the more down to earth of herself. Lea Michelle and her team provide a well made book.

I found and tried the “Italian Comfort Soup”. Loved it and now it’s a regular comforting meal for me.

If I would have had a girl this is the type of book I would buy for her when she turns 12. The book is full of recipes for at home personnal care tips, which are way less expensive then a full spa day with girl friends. There’s a chapter on eating well with fresh and healthy food, with tricks of the trade for regular meals, snacks and at the restaurant. Also, she talks about how she shops.

“I don’t spend a lot when I shop: I buy really well-made things that are going to last, and only few things at that. I’ve always been more interested in quality than quantity.[…] If something is great , I try to get great use out of it-and it’s hard to get great use out of anything when it only makes it out of your closet once every two months!”

And my favorite part of all : The Closet Organisation

“If I haven’t worn something in the past year, then I pass it on to someone who will use or wear it.”

“Nothing is a quicker path to aggravation and wasted time (and money) than an overstuffed closet.”

Everywhere in this book she has positive thinking or input or thoughts like this one :

“Don’t try to make yourself look like everyone else-and don’t use hair and makeup to disguise your uniqueness. Instead, play up what makes you you!”

Lea Michelle book

Just in case you now would like to read it and have your own copy!

Images Source: Brunette Ambition, by Lea Michelle.


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