Classic and traditional style

Want elegance and sobriety?

The timeless style kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and classical lounges provide a comforting atmosphere and generally orderly. With traditional and classic styles, it is common to find sober colors, furniture with rounded shapes, solid wood furniture, patterned fabrics and refined architectural elements such as ornamental moldings, columns and panels. Often elegant and opulent, sometimes found in parts of this style of antique furniture. But today, more often than not, it combines the classic and traditional styles with innovative ideas and fresh. I hope this will inspire you.

However, what I like above all is the use of item, by item unconventional or reused for any other purpose. In the picture, the three-story tray serves here as a centerpiece – spice rack – tray of fruit. I love it!

Source: Maison et Demeure, February 2009.

Products: Carrara marble countertops; luster, travel souvenir in Mexico; three-story tray, Véranda Style de vie.

Originally published on Coeur en Fête Blog : December 07 2012.


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