Purple Wedding Bouquet


Here is information on flowers for brides to be!

According to Style Search the color purple has been the, “it color” that you just can’t get off your mind. It’s easy to see why this color is so popular with it various shades and flexibility to adapt to any color combo. As always, we want to show you what you love, so we have the prettiest purple wedding bouquet recipe for you. Created  from Orange County wedding floral designer The Vines Leaf and photographed by Lane Dittoe.

Our purple wedding bouquet contains: eggplant calla lily, liac, fern shoot, fuchsia peonies, anemones, dutch hydrangea, sword fern, plum tree, mad hair fern, astilbe, sarracenia and pink antherium.

A little from Aly on the bouquet:

For this bouquet, I wanted to incorporate a lot of texture but all in the purple tones.  I used the lilacs and the fuchsia peonies as the main focus because they are simply incredible.  I used the pale purple Antheriums as a leaf texture as opposed to a flower, the deep purple plum leaves to give it a little drama, and the different types of ferns to give the bouquet a whimsical and airy feel.  The purple Anemones are another personal favorite and can give a certain wildflower feeling that I love.  This mixture of blooms is also super sweet smelling in addition to it’s stunning combination of purple hues.

Source: Web Site of the Wedding Chicks.

Originally published on Coeur en Fête Facebook : July 20 2012.


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