Mystery, mysterious… For Now!

160_F_26779092_Zpy4WKEeosfer5xpDM74DJBasJb5f8B5I’m so excited!

Last year I’ve searched for a Planner. Couldn’t find one that pleased me, nor that could help me in my day to day need, nor for my business vision of what should be expected from a planner. I’ve decided to make my own.

For the upcoming year you will be able to buy my own planner.

I hear those of you that are electronic maniac or ecologist say :

” Why should we use a paper copy of a planner when we can have some electronically integrated in all our devices? Because, devices can crash sometimes. Can be not accessible when needed. But the main reason for creating a paper planner is for those of us that need to plan appointments with customers while being face to face. It’s irrespectful to look at our devices while being with a customer, so for a proper etiquette conduct with customers and against any misconducts of devices, why not have your own planner? Have everything in one place that allows you to see at a glance your schedule, appointments & else.”


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