GPS to the Orchards

Cider Tour

Forget about wines! Less than an hour’s drive from Montreal, the lesser-lnown Cider Route offers tasty discoveries and a festival of automn colours. First stop, the delightful country site of La Face Cachée de la Pomme, in Hemmingford, where sipping the famous ice cider is a must. Just a short hop away, you will find La Cidrerie du Minot, where you can taste the sparkling ciders while gazing at the vast orchards that stretch across the Montérégie landscape. Then, heading towards Rougemont, take a walk through the region’s true apple capital. With the children, be sure to pick enough fruits to cook pies, chutneys, upside-down cakes and other delicacies for days to come. Gee! The day is already ending… You will have to  return next spring and pedal your way through the orchards to admirethe blooming apple trees along this original rural route.

With or without bubbles?

There are four varieties of ciders :

  1. sparkling to crack open like champagne
  2. flat cider elaborated like wine
  3. crackling cider, produced by adding carbon dioxide
  4. ice cider, made from apples picked in the heart of winter when temperatures drop below -15C…

Source : Magazine Signature

Originally published on Coeur en Fête Facebook : November 06 2012.


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