Cutlery, Elbows and Gift

5 Rules to avoid mistakes

”Saying ”bon appetit” is a formula exclusively commercial, and therefore wrongly used when one is at home with friends. The only person with an interest in wishing to have bon appetit is the server at the restaurant, because it must express its hope that clients always consume more food, explains the manners expert Louise Masson. It is best to drink a toast to the health of the guests,” she adds.

The Gift

Give a bottle of wine to hosts is always a smart thing to pose, but regardless of the gift, the key is that it” disappear” after being offered. A book, chocolates or a fine oil are pretty presents, but avoids bulky ornaments seashell pink or monstrous vases. The gift is initially to please. And if it is not fun, we do not want to see at our next visit, the beautiful green statue that was given last time is gone …


Convinced that we must take off shoes to enter in people? Instead, Louise Masson summarizes what must be done once in the vestibule:” It is not among the people as one enters a mosque. Are you unshoe to enter the Palace of Versailles, the most visited palace in the world? If you are invited in people’s at winter time brings on his shoes in a cloth bag (not a plastic grocery bag) and especially do not put on slippers or flip-flops” previous guest”. It is not sanitary and it does not look good if we took care to dress in beautiful attire. Finally, it is not serving the floor. The floors are not works of art and should have the experience!


We do not perfume when going to dinner with people. Whith ”Eau de Miracle” to the right and ”Le Temps de l’Homme” facing even the most appetizing dishes and most fragrant are eclipsed. Body odor do not compete with food and wine on the table. At home or at the restaurant, we simply clean.


Can I place elbows on the table? Yes, but it must still be careful not to crush or rely excessively on the table or accidentally put your elbows in food. We stands upright without being stiff, you do not leans with exaggeration and left this little belly protruding over his thighs or his opulent chest behind the table …


It should never be more than three cutlery when arriving at the table. If you must serve a meal more than three services, we replace the plates and utensils progressively. It is always important to put the forks on the left. The knives will be tabled in right blade inward. Finally, the tablespoon should be placed completely right. Above the plate, you should always find and in order a cheese knife, one dessert fork and dessert spoon. To know which fork and knife use what at first service, you just need to remember that first uses the utensils farthest from the plate.

Source: Zeste Magazine, Volume 1, Number 2, Summer 2011, Translated by Anick Giroux.

Originally published on Coeur en Fête Facebook : November 09 2012.


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