We tested : a Web Site to facilitate the exchange of gifts

When mom is in Longueuil, bro sis in Lévis and in Bromont, freelancing of the names for the traditional exchange of holiday gifts can become complicated. Here is a super practical solution!

What it is: the site http://www.virtualsecretsanta.com/home/en, which supports the management of our exchange.

How it works: You create a group with the list of participants who will register and make their wish list (if desired). One can say who is a couple in the batch if we want to prevent the spouses are dipping them. Then, when required, is performed the virtual freelancing. Everyone then only has to return the site to know who he cottoned on and see its list of gifts.

We liked: the usability of the site, which makes it fits in a few clicks without seeking where to put our information (essential if our family has members unfamiliar with the Internet). It is also very convenient to send messages to the person who picked us without knowing who it is. Unless someone let it slip, the surprise is complete!

Downside: none.

Our verdict: One more tool to simplify your life this holiday season!

Source: Coup de Pouce Magazine, December 2010, translated by Anick Giroux.

Originally published on Coeur en Fête Blog : December 13 2012.


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