Setting the Table Well

Christmas is approaching fast, here is a table plan guide to make your life easier.

  • Family Dinner: For every day dinner, place the napkin horizontally on the plate.
  •  Evening with friends: Use a large wine glass for water and a smaller one for wine.
  •  Grand reception: The dessert forks have longer teeth than the salad forks.

  • Classic table Plan: This table plan consists of eighteen (18) covered.
  1.  Soup spoon
  2. Entremet knife
  3. Entremet fork
  4. Fish knife
  5. Fish fork
  6. Knife Basis
  7. Fork Basis
  8. Basis Plate
  9. Bread knife
  10. Bread plate
  11. Butter dish
  12. Dessert fork
  13. Dessert spoon
  14. Wine glass for Entremet or dessert
  15. White wine glass
  16. Red wine glass
  17. Waterglass
  18. Salt and pepper

Good appetite and I wish you beautiful celebration!

Source: Maison et Demeure Magazine, October 2012, by Jaimie Nathan, translated by Anick Giroux.


Originally published on Coeur en Fête Blog : December 13 2012.


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