Tray of mini cupcakes

You get a lot of guests and you do not feel like cooking a big layer cake? This assortment of cupcakes is the solution. You can make two or five dozen, and not need plates because these cakes are eaten with the fingers. Everyone is at its convenience, and there is nothing to cut before serving!

This is not a decorating idea per se, but rather a neat trick to make the cakes differently. This is the arrangement of colors and sizes that will serve its magnitude.

Of various sizes

It is quite simple to get different sizes of cupcakes: just use crates of different sizes, all filled to three-fourths no need of muffin pan, simply drag the crates filled on a baking sheet. Most grocery stores offer crates of various sizes. If you want a very small chocolate crates, available in some Cuisineries. To measure the amount of dough easily, use a pastry bag or a small ice cream scoop.

This variety of cakes sizes, enables all guests to find their account and better control portions ingested: very small cupcakes for sweet cravings and larger portions for big greedy.

Of bright colors

The beautiful colors come from a very simple and tasty ingredient: mashed fruit. Here, no traces of artificial coloring gives certainly a interesting visual results, but has no impact side of taste. With delicious mashed mango and raspberry in your frosting you will get a bright yellow and pink, with a fruity flavor.

To give a taste of the flavor of frosting, cupcakes can be decorated with a scoop of mango or raspberry.

A beautiful presentation

You do not have storey plater to present your cupcakes? It is very easy to make one at home: three plates, separated by a reversed cup or ramekin are stacked on top of each other, see the photo. To solidify everything, you can place a double-sided tape or sticker on the cup or ramekin. And voila: a beautiful three-tiered shelf just waiting for your cupcakes.

If you want to make this recipe, go here:

Source: Ricardo Magazine, Volume 10 Numéro 2, translated by Anick Giroux.

Originally published on Coeur en Fête Facebook Page : December 17 2012.


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