Pie Party

Nothing comforts us as much as the smell of a hot pie just out of the oven. Whatever the season or occasion, celebrate this classic dessert with a pie party that will allow guests to succumb to the delicious flavors.

Theme for a pie party

Regardless of the number of guests or the types of pies, remember these tips when it comes time to decline the theme:

  • Varieties : Prepare and serve a variety of pies or base your party on the principle of cookies exchange: Ask each guest to bring their favorite homemade pie and their recipe in order to share with everyone.
  • Flavors: Offer a variety of seasonal flavors such as apple pie, pumpkin or pecan, and classic flavors, such as pies, chocolate, peanut butter, coconut and sugar. If your guests bring pies, make sure they do not bring all the same flavor.
  • Presentations: Pies can not be served only in pie pans! Give a new look to this classic dessert preparing pies on sticks, tarts or pies in pots.

Details for a pie party

  • Invitations: Cut circles or slices in paper and decorate them as pies using construction paper, then write all the details of the party. For example, add a crust around the edge of your pie or make a lattice using tan strips of construction paper . You can also print or make invitations on recipe cards.
  • Decorations: Part of the fun of a party pie is to have all the pies in order to expose them. Create an atmosphere of rustic pastry pies laying on wooden boxes, cake stands or on a pastry shelf and label each of them. To create labels that you can reuse, paint the bottom of small frames with chalkboard paint.

Tip: Slice the pies in advance for an easy serving.

Activities and gifts for a pie party

  • Pies Decoration: Let them cook their own pie to your guests so that they relate to and do cook them at home. Prepare an assortment of toppings, then use our pastry techniques to decorate: create wavy edges, cover your pies with a trellis or decorate with pastry leaves.
  • Pie contest: Ask your guests to bring their best homemade pies, and then number them and ask everyone to vote for their favorite. Reveal the winner at the end of the party. Who knows, maybe he will share his secrets for making pies!
  • Pies to take home: Do not send your guests home empty-handed turn them tasty gifts like cakes on sticks wrapped in transparent film and decorated with a ribbon. Or give them small pots filled with pie weights or a mixture of spices pies. To give the pots a traditional touch, add a piece of burlap before screwing the lids.

Source: La vie Simplifiée (Home Made Simple) Web Site, by Chris Nease, October 10th 2012, translated by Anick Giroux.


Originally published on Coeur en Fête Blog : November 08 2013.


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