Do not forget


Shortly Valentine will be at our door. No matter what day of the week, February 14 returns every year to celebrate celebration of love.

This celebration is for many people the most important event of the year. Of course, there’s Christmas and Halloween those annual celebrations are marked and significant, but Valentine’s Day is for many couples, the only day of the year when they give themselves the right to leave without the children and especially with no regrets of doing so.

They choose themselves for that day or that special evening. The gifts and small attentions range from small hand made present to great jewelers gifts, breakfast in bed (for two) to the romantic getaway. Whether it is big or small, or under the duvet in the jungle, the goal is to dazzle and fill with attention the sweetheart.

Go read the small text published last year on lovers statistics: 75.

Psst! Gentlemen and ladies, you will have no excuse if you forget!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all lovers!

Anick Giroux

Originally published on Coeur en Fête Blog : January 29 2014.


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