Children Party: User Guide

The secret to a beautiful children’s party, it’s the organization! Tips for preparing a feast that will appeal to children.


  • Forecast one guest per year of life of the child (3 years = 3 friends, 7 years = 7 friends, etc..). For tweens, a limit of 10 is reasonable!
  • Children who already know each other are invited. The atmosphere will be more relaxed and no one will be intimidated.
  • If our daughter invites a boy, it is suggested to also invite a second that he is not alone among girls (and vice versa if it’s a boy).
  • Invitations were distributed approximately 10 days before the party so that guests reserves their day without forgetting.
  • On the invitation, we specify the time, duration, location and theme of the party, as well as the age of the feted and our phone number for confirmation. We also note if a lunch will be served or the party will be held outside.

The preparation

  • We determine in advance the schedule of the party to avoid downtime and games are varied: a quiet game while waiting for all guests and an active game, craft, snacks, gifts and even a quiet game at the end of the party.
  • Alone with several children, you risk having your hands full! We seek the help of another adult: while one will lead the party, the other can take care of the unexpected.
  • We make sure to have on hand a first aid kit, bandages, washcloths and clean wipes.
  • Balloons or poster are placed outside the house to help our guests to find us.
  • Potentially dangerous objects are put away and we clear the room where the party will take place.
For those under 6 years, the party should not last more than two hours. For larger, can be extended up to three hours. If we receive young children, we organize the party early in the day so that they are in shaped. Parties in the evening is reserved for tweens and teens.
The snack

  • Before the party, we check with parents if our guests have food allergies (and banished of the menu all potential sources of allergies!).
  • Needless to make a big meal. We opted for a snack with a few choices of food easy to eat with your hands. For children, the food is secondary. The important thing is the cake!
  • Buy reusable plastic glasses, as well as lettering and motifs stickers. Each child customizes his glass to avoid mixing!

During the party

  • We ask our child to welcome each of his friends.
  • We note the telephone number where parents of the guests can be reach.
  • We put some music to set the mood, but not too loud to avoid overexcite children.
  • We get involved in the party by hosting the games, but do not steal the show of the feted!
  • If you notice that a guest is shy, it helps to help him in some games to put him at ease.
  • A child is overexcited or causing trouble? As an adult supervises the group, accompanying the child to another room to discuss before the situation gets out of hand. We do not take the group to party, we manage crises calmly and opts for diversion rather than confrontation.
  • If accommodates toddlers, we think to bring them to the toilet from time to time.
  • We give the gift to each guest at the end of the party.

Source: Website Coup de Pouce, March 19th 2007, by Nadine Descheneaux, Translated by Anick Giroux.

Originally published on Coeur en Fête Blog : August 30 2013.


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