“Hygge” Lifestyle


Last month I had a major Aha moment!

I’ll be clear. All my life, I thought when talking of my decorating style that it was a melting pot of different style, but couldn’t quite define it.

Imagine that :

  1. My mother was a great natural decorator. Her prefered style was class minimalist.
  2. My best friend has degrees in decor and clothes creation. She has great taste and style but when she decorates she goes for the victorian style.

I love patterns, colors, flowers, warmth, but I was always going for comfort instead of style. I mean I love great decor but when I look at a finish decorated room I look for & love if :

  • it’s simple
  • it’s cozy
  • it’s well lit
  • there’s lighted candles
  • warm cocoa, tea or coffee (in my case with a little Winter Jack on the rocks, please! or a glass of wine depending on my mood or temperature!)
  • it’s multifunctional and versatile
  • everyone can enjoy the room,
  • be well seated
  • enjoying the company of your loved ones
  • company of great friends
  • enjoying the simplest moment
  • read a book
  •  wrap yourself in a warm, soft blanket
  • everything that needs to be in a room as his place
  • peacefulness
  • if you think : “This is the life!”

So knowing this, when I was going through some reading and came across the hygge lifestyle. I knew it was ME.

If your a movie lover like myself, you could of watch “Eat, Pray, Love”! In that movie she talks about all types of relationship love-friendship-food-reading-etc. And she enjoy every bit of it in the moment.

There was also that cocooning trend where people due to the bad economy enjoyed a more at home, with friends type of situation. Loved both of these!

Now you’ll ask me what is HYGGE?

Well … Hygge is pronounced “HOO-gah”. It’s a Scandinavian way of life that celebrates coziness, shared meals, and companionable interactions with loved ones. It’s happiness from within. It emphasized warmth, kinship, and an appreciation for the little things. Hygge is a perspective on life that started in Denmark.

It embrace the indoors, welcoming others into our home, and taking plenty of time to treat ourself to little luxuries. Hygge is the ideal way to combat the cold temperature, by decorating your house with those elements : candles-blankets-little bars-little trays-fire place-pillows-comfy couch-meditation zone-comfortable bath zone-etc.

I was so thrilled that I actually created a brand new Pinterest board named : Comfortable Settings Lifestyle. It’s incorporating everything above in your daily life. Year round! Not only in Fall and Winter time. Why do you think we enjoy so much the BBQ? Here in Quebec we also love “les épluchettes de blé d’Inde”. It’s a corn party.

So I hope that you’ll integrate a little hygge lifestyle into your own everyday crazy life!


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