Play the Right Card

However nice to assess the effectiveness of email, direct contact of the phone call or the speed of the recorded message on the answering machine, nothing beats a word sealed in a pretty envelope.

In the era of electronic correspondence, postal items or hand-delivered folds take invaluable value. Especially when they are of original or fanciful look. Further when they contain a handwritten special invitation or thank you note. These holders of friendship, love messages or sincere thoughts touch the heart, because someone, somewhere, took care to compose a letter based on the bond that unites with another. With a few strokes of colored pencils, a clipping or a funny sticker, malle box becomes a surprise box and the daily turns into an extraordinary day.

«Colours and textures may decline to infinity to give the ordinary correspondence paper a flamboyant and delicate look.»

Embellish your mail

Customizing invitations or thank you notes requires only a little imagination and a reserve of craft supplies including ribbons, buttons, beads, sequins, tassels, silk flowers, paper or dried clippings wrapping paper, colored pencils, felt pens, calligraphy pens. Then, armed with scissors and hot glue or in spray that we match colors and textures to suit the inspiration on the sheets and blank envelopes. Here are some suggestions, such as shown on the main photo:

  • a trio of small roses on a green gingham ribbon;
  • a silvery harmony with pearls, tassels, buttons and rope curled;
  • a “curly gift loop” burgundy with a floral bow which hangs a butterfly;
  • a word written in calligraphic pen gold on moss green textured paper;
  • dressed a cardboard with a piece of wrapping paper with dynamic stripes, matching buttons;
  • a silk ribbon strewn with petite daisies paper.

Note that the postal items trimmed of toppings relief – such as buttons, tassels, big buckles and silk flowers – should be placed in a bubble envelope to avoid damage.

Too early or too late?

When organizing an event, sending the invitations and the response times cause stress which sometimes outweighs the pleasure. To orchestrate all mind free, here are some suggestions indicating when before the event should be send the invitations:

  • Formal Dinner: from 3 to 6 weeks
  • Informal Dinner: 2 days to 3 weeks
  • Birthday party: from 3 to 6 weeks
  • Christmas Party: 1 month
  • Lunch: 1 day to 2 weeks
  • Wedding: from 2 to 3 months

Note: The time listed may vary depending on the number of people invited.

Source: Recevoir Spring 2004 Magazine, by Louise Bouchard, translated by Anick Giroux.

Originally published on Coeur en Fête Blog : January 13 2014.


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