Thanks to all our Pinterest fans!

People use Pinterest to plan their lives, from tonight’s dinner to the vacation of a lifetime. So much of what they Pin, dream and do comes from businesses like ours.

How people use Pins in their lives

Pinterest has asked the clientèle about the how and what they Pin. What they’ve learned is that people’s interests generally fall into five categories that Pinners want to save and share.

Here are the five categories:

—a passion, like music, photography or sports
—a vocation that’s part of your training, like a teacher using Pinterest to find lesson plan ideas or an architect sharing design ideas with a client
—a hobby that you do for fun, like running or fishing
—a project that has an end goal, like a wedding or redecorating your living room
—a preference that can change, like your taste in colors or types of shoes

You can do a search on Pinterest to see what types of Pins relate to those things. You can organize a board around that interest.

We hope you’ll have fun pinning and that you’ll come visit our Pinterest page to find more ideas for your future organized home, your new office or the new trendy Hygge Lifestyle!


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