Poem for Mother’s Day


Normally Mother’s Day, the children write poems, short words, make drawings or just kiss and a big hug. However, today I would like to reverse the roles and you submit a poem that I wrote for my son Tristan. Please bear with the writer!

My little wolf, my little kitty and mimi for intimate

When I created you
I was excited
all returned
I lived in expectation
To see you
To examine you
Cajole you

When I had you
The euphoria was at the rendezvous
I was so happy
You were whole with all your pieces
Whatever tests
I knew you were perfect

When you grow
I found you magical
and beautiful

I was proud to be your mother
You made me so happy
With your laughter
With your joys, your sorrows and
All your little tiny woes

Today you’re 9 years old
You become bigger and bigger
You’re like a weed
You grow higher and higher up

you become
More and more charming
You’re a born charmer and
A storyteller

When people
Tell me about yourself
I can only be proud of you
Because you are polite and
Always so nice

Although sometimes
You’re head as hard as
a walnut
You have a tender heart
Always on the hand

I beg you to pay attention
Because in life
This is not always good
To have the heart on the hand

I love you and kiss you and
In my eyes you will always
The tiny
Who had always
Need me.

Mom, Anick Giroux

N.B.: Tristan just turned 18.

Originally published on Coeur en Fête Blog : May 11 2013.


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