The Pom Pom Shack


You know I love finding new products that will create a lovely decor but also amaze your guest or the feted person. Inspired by the love of a good party celebration, Cherie Gibbons creates delicately custom handmades pom poms from the finest tulle and they’re also available in 30 stunning colours! Yes! It’s all about pom poms. They come in different sizes as well : Jumbo, Large, Medium and Small Tulle pom poms and also Tulle Wands and Tulle Cake Garlands. Based out of Winchester, Hampshire.

10548092_778280468903016_980776677751607636_oTheir versatility is endless, they can be used as a unique touch at a wedding, birthday, christening or garden party. 




10176022_713791628685234_8329481610033351092_nTulle fairy wands are the perfect accessory for your little fairy or flower girl. Brighten up any occasion, shop window or photo shoot with these gorgeous, delicate poms.




10247318_711681582229572_1277790944535801479_n 10297880_721237631273967_6651570538658377944_nThe sweetest little pom pom cake garland, perfect for that special occasion.




10313436_724997424231321_510722502132876830_nCupcake pom pom toppers, sweet as sweet can be, available in packs of six.





10156087_827728837291512_9087444713655962527_nYou could add some festive pom pom with sparkle to your next celebration.





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Enjoy your next event with these gorgeous pom poms!

Image Source : The Pom Pom Shack Facebook page and Photography – Jenny Owens 2014.

Originally published on Coeur en Fête Blog : January 09 2015.


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