Where to begin?

I’m finally delivering you, what I did during my encounter with Mrs. Francine Marceau.

Her dilemma like many other was:

“How can I have all my goods in the appropriate spaces in the master bedroom?”

Mrs. Marceau’s a widow in recent years. Which one of the aspects of the organization was to ensure that she dispose of her late husband’s estate, without rushing the emotions of the journey of mourning.

In addition, Mrs. Marceau is more active, by extension part of her wardrobe doesn’t fit her anymore or was damaged or outdated.

The aim of this project was to clean up all the closets (there are 3 built in the mansards), desks (2) and thus ensure that Mrs. Marceau has access to her things more easily, quickly and while shouldering in the first stage of her widowhood.

So I arrived at her home coffee in one hand and with my assortment of cleaning products in the other for a hard day of physical and emotional labor. I am very happy to have been able to work to implement with her a system that will ease her life, allowing her to have an organized master bedroom and support her in this personal task that is to divest the personal effects of a deceased.

In general, whether during a move into a new apartment or a new house, or because there is an event of life such as a birth or death, we are rise to an action to organize or reorganization of our space.

  1. Some are completely baffled by the task at hand and therefore are going to the best of their efforts. But are often dissatisfied with the outcome, purchased furniture, desks, even new kitchens to meet their needs without having clear ideas of what their needs are.
  2. Others, downright lack of organization, structure and above all does not request help from specialist!

The demand :

In one day, clean, to divest, reorganize the storage spaces of the master bedrooms.

The procedure:

  1. All content was extracted from storage and placed on or next to the bed.
  2. All storage spaces were washed. Thus, being clean and empty, we had a better idea of the dimensions and proportions with which to work.
  3. Three options were possible:
    1. To give
    2. To throw away
    3. To keep. Only the content to be conserve was replaced in the storage.

Here is her comment after our meeting:

Hello Anick,

I have only one thing to say… Anick is a wonderful woman with a huge heart who is completely devoted to you when you asked for her help… with exemplary efficiency. I really appreciated rapidity and results… THANK YOU ANICK, REMAIN AS YOU ARE… AN EXTRAORDINARY WOMAN

Francine Marceau, Saint-Hyacinthe

Now that you understand better what is the spatial organization at home, if you or someone you know would enjoy this service, why not offer it as a gift or request it ? (Important fact: my service is adaptable to each customer)

For more testimonials click here.


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