Simple little pleasure

Currently, there is a craze on my blog for the list:

Cleaning planning list in 30 days

Among the people who have requested to receive this list, I have a subscriber who wrote me a personal email. It contained her family structure, the decision facing the organization and the state of things. Little sweetness for the blogger that I am, thank you and she also intend to use the list for better order management at home.
Wow! Thank you for this nice email Cécile! I appreciate it infinitely. When we blog, we talk to the whole world with the hope that one or more people will appreciate our hard work and our content. But I have to remain simple, faithful and humble. I have always been saying: “That you reap what you sow!”
So I sent her an email with a few little tricks and realized that it could benifit to all.
The bigger the family, the greater the organization of the agenda and the tasks to be done daily or weekly, it is necessary to be structured, methodical and to plan well.

“For the more the merrier, but it causes other time cacophony! ”

Do you know Wunderlist and Google keep? If so, great! If not, here are 2 small memory aids and tools for organizations that I appreciate very much.

Wunderlist as the name suggests allows you to make lists on your computer and synchronize them with your smart phone. So for example, you have access to your grocery list or the new book to take at the library. You can set an alarm tone for certain items on your list. And when the item is completed you check it and it ends up in your items finished. This is the “to-do list” principle.

Google keep works on the “post-it” principle. So you open a small note and write a list, a photo with information, there is even a microphone to dictate rather than write the memo. Do not forget to validate the spelling since sometimes the content is funny !!! So if you are looking for a hardware product you can have the written dimensions as well as a photo to support for in-store help. It also uses your computer and syncs on your cell phone.

Have fun with these new tools to be well or better organized!

Note: Know that I offer consultation and a home organization services to help you to develop storage systems that will help solve problems.

Other articles to read: section on the organization and one on business organization that could possibly help you.


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