Assisted treasure hunt with GPS


You are looking for a family outing that will crack your teen?

Try geocaching, an outdoor activity which consists in finding caches orienting itself with a GPS. In Rawdon, the company Géomission proposes ten missions of varying lengths and difficulties. The route can lead us in the forest, at the heart of the village, the municipal beach or even Dorwin beautiful waterfalls. Each cache found brings us closer to our goal: finding a lost microfilm after a plane crash, find a safe combination, etc.

Géomission, which is in its third (5th in 2013) summer of existence, was founded by brothers Alexander Bambach-Pepin, 16, and, Mathew Bambach- Lodge, 14. The teens, who are supported by their parents in this adventure, create the missions in addition to working at the reception and manage the business.

One likes! Happy hunting!

Reservations are required.

Source: Coup de Pouce Magazine, June 2011, translated by Anick Giroux.

Originally published on Coeur en Fête Blog : July 11 2013.


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