À la carte Services

160_F_30045705_2n2W9KHjdoUCByYbNM1qQ1BHeIZzsMNlYou are overwhelmed with organizational problems and space and you wish you had help, by an organizer to advise you that? Guide you? Informs you? And this in the comfort of your home? We have what you need! The A la carte service is a concept of consultations by email.There is no embarrassment to have, especially no disorder or chaos that are insurmountable.
  1. Send us your email.
  2. Take pictures, since it’s worth a thousand words.
  3. Write to us what cause you to have a problem with questions or requests.
  4. Let us know what you want or want to do with this room or space.
  5. Let us know if you have the tools (storage system for example) needed to achieve your goals.
  6. This e-mail communication between you and us (email question / answer email) will be a total of 10 times. Each email will contain a maximum of approximately 50o words (or equivalent).

Our commitment:

  1. Respond within 48 to 72hrs.
  2. Give you all applicable directives, aids, guides and tools to help you implement the planning, organizing, reorganization of your room or your storage for a better quality of life.
  3. You will have the tools necessary to maintain order thereafter in your environment.

This represents an excellent investment for a better quality of life. You will have your own organizer available for you at your finger tips and mouse!



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