I’ll present myself, Anick Giroux. I am a woman, but know that this has nothing to do in the fact of having or not organizational skills.

Innate talents:

  • My mother told me that when I was 2-3 years old, all the commercial or places I went, I picked up brochures and pamphlets of all kinds. When I got home, I placed them in order of size and colors and put them on the corner of my small table.
  • A little later, around 5-6 years old, my mother was worried because she thought I was not having fun though. For example, I took out each puzzle, emptied the contents, rewrote the puzzle and reinsert it gently into the box, replaced the box in its place, according to its size and color.
  • I therefore oriented myself as a secretary, or administrative assistant today as an entrepreneur.

Professional skills:

  1. No order. My father was my first client. I was 14 years old. Not to dwell on the details, let me just say this, if a person who does not like” the little” papers, this is my father. Imagined the scene, a year of operation for a representative, combined with one year of sale of goods contracted in the same area, an inventory, all in a business space of 15 X 15 feet; when we opened the door, the floor carpeted in grass green wall to wall was invisible. The desk top was covered with a dangerous. equilibrium mountain. We were four (4) people (myself, my younger brother and my parents) and a weekend, to make an inventory, compiled all the invoicing to save on accounting fees, put a system in place to not do this again the following year, also put in order all the memos so that he offers a better customer service (luckily, he had a lot of memory so he has not made ​​a major mistake!). Everything was a success, and it continue even 25 years later to implement these methods in his work.
  2. Space misused. As part of one of my previous jobs, hiring one told me that the people in place did not have the necessary skills or time to develop and maintain a storage system. After careful observation, I noticed that the system was good, but the preservation of documents were too long. Whether in the fiscal year, there were 2 to 3 years in files. Or archival purposes, where there were more than 10 years. Yes, there is a regulation concerning the documentation, but a phone bill (supplier account payable) paid, without dispute, used in the compilation of the current fiscal year, must be archived at the end of the year and retained for 7 years. After 7 years, this bill will be destroyed and no problem to be ecological the paper will be recycled. Here! Simple as pie.
  3. Multiplicity. Among my jobs, I held a position as a clerk in customer service of a company in the food industry. After some time, I found that: we had 35 employees, which treat 150 orders per day for many customers, but each of we dealed an industry product. That is to say, that Company X could buy several of our products, but treated with many of us. So one customer could have 6 files. Welcome to the world of crazy! This embarrassed me so much that I had agreement from my superiors to implement the new system. I have provide the time and them the equipment. I have heard that the system was still the same to this day.

In conclusion, that my talents are innate or not, it is not so important. What is important is that: if you are someone with a problem in a closet in your home, or a large company where you have several problems, there is no difference. Every problem, whether small or large, must be treated with equal attention to happen, yes with a solution! But should this solution suits you as well.

Looking forward to work together,

Anick Giroux


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