Thanks to all our Pinterest fans! People use Pinterest to plan their lives, from tonight’s dinner to the vacation of a lifetime. So much of what they Pin, dream and do comes from businesses like ours. How people use Pins in their lives Pinterest has asked the clientèle about the how and what they Pin. … More Pinterest?

The Janssen’s Story

Here’s a short Youtube video of a transformed room from California Closets for Mrs. Nicole Janssen. She’s a busy mother of two and entrepreneur. She works from home. So basically this is her office where she takes care of business and where also the children join her. I enjoyed all the thinking behind the planned organized office!

Foggy road

Are you an organized person? Is your business scheduled and planned and organized too? If not aren’t you bored, frustrated, stressed and mad for all the lost time of running around and feeling in the fog all the time? If so why don’t you use the services of a real Organizational Service for your business … More Foggy road

Planning Paper Version

What does it contain? It contains : A weekly planner A social media planning zone per week A 2 lined memo page per week And a little surprise planner 326 pages 2 different color covers are possible Each week as an organisational quote It’s a 5,5 X 8,5 inch format. Would this planner suit your needs for the upcoming year? … More Planning Paper Version

Green or Grey?

Last week, I talked about the paper planner that I have created. Here it is!!! It’s the same planner but in two different color : Green or Grey. Which one would you like?