Gold and Silver

Andrew Pike love to teach clients how to arrange decorative items wisely that they have already (antiques or your collection pieces) to all new parts to create their own new and surprising décor. Inspired by the marriage of gold and silver, he compiled a table that is at once bold and ingenious. Everything that glitters … More Gold and Silver

Gifts to the present

Hello, Christmas is fast approaching. Here are fine ideas to innovate and change the way to wrap your gifts. I hope you will be packed! For gifts that stand out, vary the textures and colors. Here, available in three palettes, packaging ideas for easy, inexpensive and personalized. Majestic charm Shades of purple, gold and brown … More Gifts to the present

Beer Night

Don’t go crazy here! I won’t talk to you about drinking beer until you drop almost dead like a teenager. A little more étiquette please! We all know about pairing our wine with our meal. We’ve all heard about wine-tasting and wine and cheese, but today I wanted to talk about beer. Well I’m a … More Beer Night

Treats drink

The cocktail hour Spirits and their usages have evolved over the centuries. For example, the Egyptians and the Greeks, we resorted to drunkenness to be closer to the gods. From the 13th century, they began to use distilled water for medicinal spirits. In Europe, it is even a plague in the 14th century, which promoted … More Treats drink