Happy Birthday, Dad!

“On this June 18th, I wish all the dads, granddads and future-dads, a beautiful day and the pleasure of being the nicest, the strongest for these innocent little beings or horned… according to their characters!” Anick Giroux, President. Originally published on Coeur en Fête Blog : June 11 2013.

Cherries Sangria

I found this recipe and I thought of all those who love the sangria and cherries, and of course the pleasure of drinking this drink in early summer with friends on a terrace in the city or in the countryside. I raise my glass: “Cheers to you all!”  Drink very cold … on a sunny … More Cherries Sangria

Where to begin?

I’m finally delivering you, what I did during my encounter with Mrs. Francine Marceau. Her dilemma like many other was: “How can I have all my goods in the appropriate spaces in the master bedroom?” Mrs. Marceau’s a widow in recent years. Which one of the aspects of the organization was to ensure that she dispose of … More Where to begin?

Receive with lobster

 Recipes and usage Booklet Gourmands already could barely wait: this is finally the beginning of the lobster season, the perfect excuse to invite friends and family. Expensive to receive with lobster, do you think? No more than if you’re grilling steaks on the barbecue. And your guests will be speechless.     Around the Pot Like many utensils are needed to dissect the lobster, a good idea: they are presented together in a glass jar type Mason, with a beautiful … More Receive with lobster

The Pom Pom Shack

You know I love finding new products that will create a lovely decor but also amaze your guest or the feted person. Inspired by the love of a good party celebration, Cherie Gibbons creates delicately custom handmades pom poms from the finest tulle and they’re also available in 30 stunning colours! Yes! It’s all about pom … More The Pom Pom Shack

10 Things you need to learn to start living the life of your dreams

Good morning everyone! I came across this blog author yesterday. Loved this blog post, but her blog in general is great. She has great wisdom. Don’t let success get to your head. Don’t let failure get to your heart. You cannot be afraid to fail for the sake of failing. Failure is an opportunity to learn, … More 10 Things you need to learn to start living the life of your dreams

Essentials for a Perfect Picnic for Two

Must-haves for a romantic al fresco lunch Want to surprise your sweetie with a picnic outing? Spring and summer are great seasons for picnics, especially of the romantic variety. But make sure that, before you’ve even begun planning all the food and drink to bring along, you’ve got all the right accessories to make your lunch date … More Essentials for a Perfect Picnic for Two