Small papers

I am prepping my next course. Small papers, drawings, note, memo, travel information … Where do we put all this to organize them, retain them to be able to reuse them? !!! I won’t tell you more … See you soon,

My first course

And yes! I am finalizing and refining the final details of my first course. You will be able to attend it shortly. The subject: “The preservation of documents!” If you are a person whose: The papers scare you, The amount of documents to keep overwhelms you, The way to structure a preservation system goes beyond you, … More My first course

Savor the Mudroom entrance hall at its best!

What is the mudroom entrance hall? Our American neighbors call it “Mudroom”. It is a spacious entry that contains an entire storage system to hold coats, boots, shoes, accessories, backpacks and more. Thus, our main entrance is not at all encumbered by the comings and goings. It can thus be kept clean and orderly and … More Savor the Mudroom entrance hall at its best!

Wedding? Ouf!!!

You might think that I’m crazy! Why is the wedding subject related to organisation? Well, apart from pregnancy and even this, a wedding is one of the major celebration in a women’s life. It needs to be planned a head. Schedule and orchestrate like a maestro to obtain the perfect resort for one magnificent, breath … More Wedding? Ouf!!!