Hello Anick,

I have only one thing to say… Anick is a wonderful woman with a huge heart who is completely devoted to you when you asked for her help… with exemplary efficiency. I really appreciated rapidity and results… THANK YOU ANICK, REMAIN AS YOU ARE… AN EXTRAORDINARY WOMAN

Francine Marceau, Saint-Hyacinthe


Hello Anick, it was a pleasure to meet you.

  • I liked your idea of your organizational box system. This can help people who are moving. For me, it gave me an idea to maybe make me a box that I drag from top to bottom ;o)
  • I liked to know: Wunderlist.
  • Since I knew a lot about social networks, it allowed me to validate some things and find out what I could do with Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest.
  • I liked to approach this notion, because I did not know it: marketings strategies such as contests, Flock to Unlock, etc.

In summary, our meeting gave me ideas to put up with Pinterest and Twitter and also the tools for the contests.

Good success!

Mélanie Fontaine, Overall health therapist, Quebec


Thank you. Yes it was instructive!

Sylvain Leblanc, Funny Ballons & Productions Noeud Papillon, Quebec


Hello Anick,
Thank you for the formation yesterday. This allowed me to sort it out.
Thank you again
See you soon
Paul Larivière Management Coaching and Team Development, Quebec


Hello Anick,
To give you a short summary of our meeting, I very much appreciated it and I found it very relevant! A really beautiful gift !!!!
Thank you a lot.
Vicky Gagnon, Residential Real Estate Broker, Charny


Hello Anick,

I wanted to thank you for the time allowed for giving me ideas for tidying up my papers, files, organize my daycare and more.

I really appreciated your help because you have made my task easier and open to new ways to organize and find new highly effective method of work, I gain time and find my way more easily!

I liked your approach, your openness, your work method  and above all that you are a person attuned to the needs!

Wow for your good work and especially that it motivate me a lot to be well organized, you have good ideas!

Thank you and looking forward to working with you,

Annie, family day care in Châteauguay


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